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[ Domestic Affairs ]


In your domestic case where you have a spouse who you suspect of infidelity, hiring a Quantum Security Intelligence Private Investigator can give you the peace of mind and the results you are looking for. 

Magnifying Glass

[ Criminal Investigations ]


When you or a loved one are involved in a criminal investigation, you want a Private Investigator who will ask the tough questions and search for results that will bring clarity and resolve to the case at hand. 


[ Fraud & Insurance ]


Fraud and Insurance scams affect your companies bottom line. In today's climate you want a Private Investigator who will conduct the deep web search and investigate any lead that will result in finding those responsible.

Floppy Disk

[ Computer Forensics ]


Identity theft is at an all-time high among citizens worldwide. You need a Private Investigator who will search the dark web and locate vulnerabilities affecting your assets or personal identity and locate those responsible for the breach.


[ Missing Persons ]


Locating a spouse, family member or friend who has went missing can be stressful, hiring an experienced Private Investigator can bring a peace of mind in helping to locate a loved one.


[ Surveillance ]


Quantum Security Intelligence Private Investigators are geared to service any fraud case, civil case, domestic case, insurance case, opposition research and other surveillance needs when requested. With over 24 years of service in criminal investigations, civil investigations and fugitive investigations, we will get the results. 


We here at Quantum Security Intelligence are proud as Private Investigators to service our community at-large. In your time of need contact a trusted Private Investigator who will get the results in your case. 


Quantum Security Intelligence is your source to help expedite the service you need, your company, or corporation needs. When looking for an investigation firm to handle your discreet and confidential cases, contact Quantum Security Intelligence to handle all of your essential caseloads.  

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