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Hiring The Right Security Company   

Security Consultation & Protection Services:

* Dignitary Details     

* Corporate Security

* Executive Protection Detail

* Personal Drivers/Bodyguards

* Private Security

* 24-Hour Home Protection

* Election Protection & Security

* Marches & Protest Security

* Church Security

* K-9 Detail 


* Shopping Plaza Security

* Mall Security

* High Rise Security

Private Security: Hiring QSI

At Quantum Security your safety is our top priority. When engaged in the course of your everyday lifestyle, awareness is a key factor for our security team. Whether you're an entertainer, artists, athlete, actor, or a high-net-worth private client, QSI Bodyguards are your Executive Protection Specialists. Our Executive Protection Detail are trained for everyday real-world situations. Navigating your lifestyles whether making appearances, shopping, dining, traveling, or at home with family, having a bodyguard can give you that peace of comfort in knowing your secured. Never underestimate the need for security, fans who have the best intentions can become a little overzealous at times when at public events. Having a QSI bodyguard with you will guard against those uncomfortable situations.

Corporate Security: Hiring QSI 

QSI bodyguards are there for that moment’s notice to face danger if the need arises. QSI has a sterling reputation amongst leaders in the community, clergy, dignitaries, and corporate clients and has advised on the necessity to ramp up security whether personal or ramping up security at home. With high profile lifestyles, bodyguards are an essential part of your everyday life. Whether traveling domestic within the United States or traveling the world, as a client you don’t want to take risks and want to feel secured knowing you have a QSI bodyguard with you at all times. As a high-net-worth client it’s not worth taking the risk when you have a recognizable profile in the public.

Retail Security: Hiring QSI


QSI objective is to safeguard customers and employee’s while working in their retail establishments. QSI works to prevent financial uncertainties caused by individuals shoplifting, robberies among retailers, or disturbances while shopping. QSI security will remove potentially harmful individuals from the retail stores or shared area while protecting the safety of the customers when shopping.

Communication is vital when safeguarding retail establishments. Monitoring video surveillance (CCTV) and communicating with other security personnel during their shifts helps reduce or eliminate retail shoplifting and oversees the safety of customers.


QSI Security primary concern are the safe keeping of the retail establishment, customers, and employees. Whether securing a retail store or the entire mall, QSI Security can work within teams or other security professionals to create a safe environment for their customers. An essential part of retail security is to safeguard the monetary interests of the retail establishments including cash registers, retail items in the store or the vaults. QSI Security has the skills necessary to de-escalate, communicate with the threat or work with the law enforcement community if an active situation escalates.


QSI Security Teams will work to identify issues concerning conflicts or misunderstandings while ensuring the safety of all customers.

Call QSI today: 770-983-6600

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